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What is a GSM amplifier, signal booster used for?

Phone communications have an important place in the functioning of our society. Poor network coverage can prevent you from accessing the internet and making your calls smoothly.

A bad signal can be explained by a distance from the transmitting antenna or by the presence of obstacles.

Nowadays, many individuals and businesses find it difficult to communicate within their walls. Some regions have partial coverage on 3G, 4G or 5G networks. We then speak of white areas, entirely devoid of a network signal (mobile, satellite, radio, fiber or copper network).

Fortunately, a GSM amplifier allows you to remedy this problem at an affordable price. It improves the quality of your operator's signal and strengthens its strength. You will be able to make your calls in your offices or at your home with an excellent reception.

In addition to its main role, a GSM amplifier promotes a reduction in radiation emitted by phones and extends the life of batteries. GSM amplifiers do not present any health risk.

How does a GSM amplifier work?

Also called a GSM repeater, the GSM amplifier repeats a signal identically. The goal is to get a high signal to send it to where you need it.

First, the system captures the signal where it is and then sends it to the device via a cable. The repeater will then amplify it and send it to an antenna near your mobile phone, where you want to get a good network.

This makes it possible, for example, to obtain a good network in a place which initially does not allow making calls with a smartphone.

The GSM amplifier consists of several parts:

- An outdoor antenna, responsible for receiving the signal from your operator's relay antenna.

- A GSM coacial cable connected to the GSM repeater responsible for amplifying the signal and sending it to the antenna installed inside.

- The indoor antenna, located near the place where you are calling. Several models exist for your interior installation.

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