The item is not eligible for a return / refund in the following cases:

- The item is no longer in new condition (scratches, physical damage, missing parts, dirt, etc.)

- 14 days have passed after the delivery date and the reason for the return cannot be clearly identified (lack of cooperation, information or photos, etc.)

- 14 days have passed after the delivery date and the package has been opened

Charges will be applied in the following cases:

In the event of non-cooperation with the transport company (ex: refusal of the order on delivery, non-collection in cases where the transport company cannot deliver the package to your home, non-provision of information or documents required by the transport company).

All returned products must be in their original condition, with no scratches, dents or other damage. All original items must be returned including, but not limited to, antennas, cables, components, manuals and packaging intact.

Returns must be placed in a carefully packed package to avoid damage to the product packaging.

If you received your damaged product, contact us for instructions.

If you would like a refund for your order but cannot return it to us for any reason, a refund for that order will be at our discretion. The return process may take up to 5 weeks after receiving your package, time for us to inspect the package and complete payment.