GSM Signal booster for home

gsm signal booster for home

Do you live in a house but your mobile network is not working? Fortunately, there is a solution to help you remedy this problem and make your calls with ease: The Mobile Signal Booster. Indeed, a GSM amplifier improves all types of signals to guarantee you an optimal connection: phone calls, SMS, mobile internet...

Home telephones are gradually disappearing among individuals, leaving the monopoly to smartphones. However, cell phones do not offer the same network coverage and depending on your wall structure or your location, your communications may become complicated. Many rural areas suffer from limited access to their operator's mobile network.

3G, 4G and 5G amplifiers are compact devices and very easy to install in your home. Our amplifiers are delivered in complete kits including a box, the interior antenna and the exterior antenna accompanied by the coaxial cables allowing to connect the whole.

Rest assured, installation in your home only takes about half an hour and does not require any technical knowledge.

GSM signal booster for office and warehouse

gsm signal booster office

Why is the GSM signal weak in your offices or business premises?

Do you have offices for your company or professional premises and you have communication problems? The geographic location and structure of your building play a major role in the penetration of the 4G signal within your walls.

Geographical location / Location of offices

The location of your business or the fact that you are in a remote area of a city center may explain your network problems.

Here are several possibilities:

- You are located in a white zone, ie you are at the limit of coverage by the relay antennas of mobile telephone operators. If the GSM signal is weak outdoors, it will have a hard time getting through your walls.

- Your building is small and surrounded by large buildings: If your building is small and you are surrounded by large structures, they can form a physical barrier that prevents the signal from passing.

- Your building is located in a basin, below the relay antennas.

- You are in the city center: Contrary to popular belief, large cities do not necessarily mean large network coverage. Indeed, the high density of constructions can prevent a uniform diffusion of GSM signals.

The structure of your offices can affect the quality of the GSM signal:

- Your building is made up of a reinforced concrete frame: The high density of reinforced concrete does not mix well with waves.

- Your offices meet High Quality Environment standards and are built with insulating materials or reinforced glazing.

- Your offices are made up of metal elements, the coating of which prevents the GSM signal from passing through (example: warehouses).

- Reflective films have been installed on your windows: These layers do not only reduce UV waves, the GSM signal is also involved

GSM signal booster for hotels and accommodation

gsm signal booster hostel hotel

Customer satisfaction is very important to hotels and hotel groups. In 2021, this type of establishment cannot afford to offer poor network coverage to its customers, otherwise they will receive negative opinions. A bad signal can play a decisive role in a hotel's reputation on the internet.

A GSM amplifier (Signal Booster) is the ideal solution to increase the signal within the walls of your hotel.

How to improve GSM coverage in a hotel?

Using a GSM amplifier can allow you to pick up a good quality signal outside and then transmit it to an amplifier located inside the hotel. The signal is diffused inside thanks to the antennas distributed in the hotel.